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The Voice of Native Hawaiian Business

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Welcome to the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce

The Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce is a member-based nonprofit organization whose mission is “to mālama Native Hawaiians in business and commerce through leadership, relationships and connections to economic resources and opportunities.” The Chamber’s programs and events are designed to facilitate connections and promote business growth, professional and economic development, and sustainability.

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Start Building A Real Estate Portfolio Out of State

August 1, 2023

Start Building A Real Estate Portfolio Out of State By Bleys Wright Born and raised in Hawaiʻi, my real estate journey began in 2021, investing in out-of-state cashflowing assets while juggling my roles as a husband, father, servicemember, and community…

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The Next 50 Years for The Native Hawaiian Chamber

July 7, 2023

An Interview with Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce Board President, Timmy Wailehua By Andrew Rosen & Timmy Wailehua Andrew Rosen interviewed Timmy Wailehua, President of the NHCC, to get his thoughts on the new direction of the Chamber as it…

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Honorees of the 46th Annual ʻŌʻō Awards

June 1, 2023

By Andrew Rosen, Executive Director Our kūpuna taught us, “Na ke kanaka mahiʻai ka imu ō nui (Pukui 2239)” A well-filled imu belongs to the one who tills the soil. As we continue to rise out of the chaos of…

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About our Chamber

Founded in 1974, NHCC works on behalf of its members and the Native Hawaiian business community to advocate for and promote a vibrant economic environment, build relationships, and improve the quality of life for Native Hawaiians in business.

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Support the Next Generation

Since 2003, the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce has awarded over $160,000 in scholarships to Native Hawaiian students pursuing a degree in business.  Scholarships like these truly make a difference and are needed now more than ever.