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About Us

Our Story

Founded in 1974, the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce was formed to meet the needs of Native Hawaiians struggling to gain an equal footing with other business leaders at the time. In the “Leaders of a Legacy” video, founding members Ed Auld, Charles Scott Ho'olulu May, and Melvin Kaipoleimanu Soong tell the story of how NHCC’s existence came to be; they share what their vision for the organization was; and they highlight the progress that Native Hawaiians have made, since NHCC was originally formed, as leaders in Hawaii's business community.

About Our Chamber

NHCC works on behalf of its members and the Native Hawaiian business community to advocate for and promote a vibrant economic environment, build relationships, and improve the quality of life for Native Hawaiians in business.  NHCC is a 501(c)(6) trade organization whose members include individuals, businesses of all size and industries, and non-profit organizations.  Membership in NHCC is open to all individuals and organizations that support NHCC’s Mission.  Any individual, business or organization may apply for membership by submitting a written application and submitting annual dues upon approval of the membership application by NHCC’s Board of Directors.


To mālama Native Hawaiians in business and commerce through leadership, relationships and connections to economic resources and opportunities.


To be recognized as the leading advocate for Native Hawaiians in business

Our Values