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NHCC News:

Start Building A Real Estate Portfolio Out of State

August 1, 2023

Start Building A Real Estate Portfolio Out of State By Bleys Wright Born and raised in Hawaiʻi, my real estate journey began in 2021, investing in out-of-state cashflowing assets while juggling my roles as a husband, father, servicemember, and community servant.  Even though the first home I bought was my primary residence in Hawaiʻi, today,…

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The Next 50 Years for The Native Hawaiian Chamber

July 7, 2023

An Interview with Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce Board President, Timmy Wailehua By Andrew Rosen & Timmy Wailehua Andrew Rosen interviewed Timmy Wailehua, President of the NHCC, to get his thoughts on the new direction of the Chamber as it enters its next 50 years of service to the Native Hawaiian Business Community. What is…

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Honorees of the 46th Annual ʻŌʻō Awards

June 1, 2023

By Andrew Rosen, Executive Director Our kūpuna taught us, “Na ke kanaka mahiʻai ka imu ō nui (Pukui 2239)” A well-filled imu belongs to the one who tills the soil. As we continue to rise out of the chaos of the pandemic, we take stock of all of the ways we protect, nurture and preserve…

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Project Ho‘omana to Accelerate Small Business Growth

May 2, 2023

By Andrew Rosen, NHCC Executive Director   It is well documented that 50% of micro and small businesses will go out of business after five years. Native Hawaiian business stats are even worse. There are several reasons for failure, however, we will focus on ways to increase the growth and sustainability of Native Hawaiian micro…

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The Future of Hawaiians Cannot Be Left to Autocrats.

April 5, 2023

The Future of Hawaiians Cannot Be Left to Autocrats Kumu Hula Karl Veto Baker says we need people to make a community in Kaka‘ako. Names are special to Hawaiians. When we give birth to our children, we seek out kupuna to find a name. The land in Kaka‘ako was given the name Hakuone, proposed to…

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