Connect with other Native Hawaiian
business professionals

Becoming a member of the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce is easy. Simply fill out the online form below, or print and mail the PDF application. Enjoy the benefits and networking of being among Hawaii's top Hawaiian business leaders, and support the prosperity of an industrious Native Hawaiian people.


What are the benefits?

There are lots of reasons to join NHCC, including:

  • Quarterly networking events
  • Discounted entry to monthly lecture luncheons with local thought leaders
  • Get listed in our member directory of Native Hawaiian business leaders
  • Firm members also enjoy a dedicated business page on the NHCC website, newsletter spotlights, and discounted membership for employees.

Who can join?

Anyone can be a member, as long as you or your firm is committed to advancing Native Hawaiian business and people and you are dedicated to our values and mission, NHCC membership is for you. 

Choose between individual or firm-wide membership. All new applicants must be sponsored by an existing NHCC member in good standing. Membership is good from July 1 to June 31.

Click here for full list of members.


How will I know when my membership is processed?

Once you submit your new member application online or via postal mail, your application will be sent to NHCC's Board of Directors.

Once your application is approved, our Membership Chair will contact you via email with directions on how to pay online by credit card or via postal mail by check in order to finalize your new membership. Approval generally takes 30 days or less.


New Member Application Form

Application is made for membership in the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce (NHCC). As a prerequisite to membership, the undersigned agrees to pay the applicable annual dues and to demonstrate the values espoused.

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Committee Interest
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Membership Type *
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NHCC Sponsor
Your application for membership must be sponsored by an existing NHCC member to be accepted by the Board.

Prefer to print & mail instead?

If you'd prefer to submit your application for membership via postal mail, please click the link below to download a print version of the above form and mail to: P.O. Box 597, Honolulu, Hawai'i 96809.