Changes to Monthly General Meeting Luncheon Process

Opportunity and Challenge for 2019-2020 NHCC GM lunch meeting process.

Closing of Willows in December 2018 presented your NHCC Board of Directors with opportunity and challenge to find a new venue for monthly General Membership meetings.  We sought locations with convenient accesses, workable room set-ups, lunch menu options and a reasonable budget.  Commencing with the January 2019 lunch you have helped us sample three different potential meeting locations:  Bishop Museum; Oahu Country Club; Pacific Club.  Via an Exit Survey attendee feedback about room set-up, lunch menu and accessibility was received.  In all three categories all three locations received equally satisfactory marks.  In addition, we observed that a different mix of attendees appeared at these locations, member and non-members alike.  And our lunch meeting attendance steadily increased month-over-month.  Thus, each of the locations provided opportunity as a new lunch venue.


Nonetheless there were challenges.  We learned that the price for food/facility rental cost exceeded our $30 member and $35 non-member rates.  We learned that in addition to a minimum charge these locations required and charged according to our advance headcount reservation confirmation, not merely by the number of lunches served.  The combination of the higher charge and pay-at-the door RSVPs that no-showed resulted in negative financial results for some of the meetings.  And thus, for the April 2019 lunch meeting, to be fiduciarily responsible we began to invoice no-shows.  Furthermore, for 2019-2020 none of the three locations are available every month for our 3rd Thursday of the month meeting schedule.


As a result here are process changes for 2019-2020 fiscal year lunch meetings, commencing with the second meeting of the year in August:




We will be rotating lunch locations among three venues: Pacific Club, Oahu Country Club and Bishop Museum.  Read each month’s meeting invitation closely for the meeting location.




Lunch meeting rates will be $40/member, $50/non-member.  For a non-member meeting attendee who submits a completed membership application at the meeting, the BOD, upon approval of the application has authorized a credit of their $50 lunch fee toward the applicant’s first-year annual membership fee, individual or corporate.  NHCC’s Membership Committee will advise the applicant.


Registration RSVP  


There will no longer be a pay-at-the door option.  Registrants must pay online via credit card or by check, which must be received by NHCC no later than the registration deadline date in order to be confirmed.

Please contact us if you have any questions.