Past ‘Ō‘ō Award Winners

The ‘Ō‘ō Award has become one of the most prestigious honors presented to outstanding Native Hawaiians who, through their talents, have made significant contributions to improve our communities and the well being of Native Hawaiians. The ‘ō‘ō itself is made from precious hardwoods firmly rooted in the ‘āina. Today, the tool is used as NHCC’s symbol representing each honoree’s keen sense of firmly rooted values, business acumen, skill, and dedication to service – key ingredients for sustaining success in modern Hawai‘i, while maintaining ancient traditions and values.

Since 1977, the Native Hawaiian Chamber has awarded the ‘Ō‘o Award to leaders in the community. In 1995, NHCC recognized an increase in the number of Native Hawaiians in business leadership positions by choosing to award multiple honorees each year. Below is the full list of every esteemed ‘Ō‘ō Award honoree since the award's inception.



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