Press Release: Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce Supports HEI NextEra Merger

Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce Supports HEI NextEra Merger

Date 3/23/2016

HONOLULU (March 23, 2016) – The Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce (NHCC) announced today their support for Hawaiian Electric Industries and their proposed merger with NextEra Energy.  

“We believe NextEra Energy is the right partner to help Hawaiian Electric, and if their shareholders are supportive, so are we,” said Deborah Ho‘okano Nishijo, NHCC President.

Not only will the merger help Hawaiian Electric financially, but NextEra Energy will best position Hawai‘i to achieve the state’s goal of 100 percent renewable energy.  To achieve a clean energy future and reasonable electricity rates we all want, improvements must be made to Hawai‘i’s existing energy infrastructure.  NextEra Energy has the necessary financial strength and considerable experience in renewable energy required to make these goals a reality.  

“We appreciate that NextEra Energy has reached out to the Hawaiian community throughout this process, and has made a commitment to be inclusive of those in the Hawaiian community who can contribute to moving Hawai’i toward being an energy efficient state, if this merger is approved NextEra Energy will be good for our businesses, good for the Hawaiian community and good for Hawai’i,” stated Ho‘okano Nishijo.


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