‘Aha 2016 Recap and Resources

During the month of February over one hundred people participated in a gathering to draft governing documents for a Hawaiian government. The constitution, drafted over several weeks, laborious committee meetings and intense floor debate, addresses everything from a core government structure to native rights. At the core of the governing document is the need to have culture and kūpuna wisdom. The participants of the convention came with varied careers, attorneys, cultural practitioners, professors, retired jurists, laborers and many more. The constitution was approved with 88 yes votes, 30 no votes and one abstentions. Here are the Native Hawaiian Declaration and 2016 'Aha Constitution.


"Declaration of
the Sovereignty of the
Native Hawaiian Nation"

"Constitution of the
Native Hawaiian Nation"
– ʻAha 2016 Final Draft


If you're interested in this topic, don't miss our March 2016 General Membership Luncheon

We'll be featuring three NHCC members who also served as delegates during the 2016 ‘Aha. Don't miss your opportunity to get filled on on the details of ‘Aha outcomes and ask whatever questions you may have about what's happened so far and what's yet to come.

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